Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm so happy that I got up early enough to take pictures for today's post before I headed to work for another full and stressful day. I was actually able to get some of the beautiful natural light from the sun for my photos which made it enjoyable. I think they turned out pretty nice!
I made these cupcake charms in a ceramics class my senior year of high school And I've been gifting them ever since. The one I'm wearing is actually a belated christmas gift I made for Loren's 12 year-old sister. along with  this sweater:
as much as I want to send it over, I really want to give it to her myself.

Oh, And I hope you enjoyed my cheap make-do photo studio. In such a small house it's hard to find the space for crafting and when I do, It's only temporary. (luck me my sewing machine is small and portable. downside: it sucks) But tomorrow, a whole lot of that will change, and I'll leave the surprise for tomorrows post ;)

I really enjoy doing all kinds of jewelry and I've been trying to find different ways to use these cupcakes.
Do you have any ideas for me?
On that note, I think I have about 500 different bottle caps that I've collected over the years that I've been waiting for the "right" time to use them. But I'm not sure for what.
Do you have any ideas that I could make them into art?
I really want to do a resin project and they'd be perfect for that, but they are all so individually sentimental, I'm not sure if I could.

Tomorrow is my "day off" and I have sooo much to do! I'm really excited to share all my decorating/organizing around the house!
And, it'll be an early-er post since I'll be around the house all day!
I hope your day was productive =]


  1. These pictures are fab and the little cupcakes have sort of become your trade mark. An idea you could try..Buttons? Imagine a simple white botton up short sleve with five or six unique cupcake buttons. I'd buy it!
    There was something else but I can't remember.

  2. O. My. Golly!!!!! cupcake buttons would be fab! how come I haven't thought of that yet? Now, I don't have a ceramics class anymore, do you have any idea which medium I could use? perhaps I'll look into some other sort of oven-baked clay.
    I love this interaction, It's really tripling my creative juices by the minute!
    Thanks for the input =]