Friday, January 6, 2012


Overall, today has been... stressful. Period.
Ok, actually, it doesn't end there, there where many tidbits in between all the chaos that kept me glued together.
Like watching the waves with Loren early in the morning... and maybe later on thinking about that moment. maybe those where the tidbits.

It all started with a cup of coffee, which for me, is never stressful. But this lead to a bouncing check, swapped shifts at work, late rent, and a lots of dishes. I was actually, apart from all the stress, in a very jolly mood today. I laughed at my empty bank account, joked about my job, and had not one once of worry in my system. The reality is though... I need to find another job. And this leads me to one cup of coffee to another. The weight this puts on me is almost unbearable. Bring on the craigs list! But there's a catch... I already have a lead. Not to excite you too much, I'm not giving one hint/clue rather leave it up to my next posts to let you unravel my future job.

But now, to show you a little work I've been doing at MY OWN DEASK in MY OWN CRAFT ROOM, hears a little peak on the projects soon to come:
Now, I have much needed sleep to catch up on and I have to look my best tomorrow, if I wish to have a chance at getting the interview. Wish me luck!

What kind of troubles are you having at your own job? Do you have any solutions to dealing with life's stress?

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