Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today I started my pajama pants project. There was apart of me that wanted to post a tutorial, how I did it, good techniques, but what I really should say is how hard it was for me to even follow the pattern instructions. This has actually been my first go at following a patten. I got it free at sewing 101 and printed about 20 sheets for the pattern (which took about 30 min 'cause of my slow printer) and the taped it all together (which took about another 30 min). The rest was history.
What I really enjoyed about using a pattern is that it's real simple to backtrack using the guide to see where a mistake could have been made. I'm used to making mistakes and only finding in the end where I realize the entire project was a mistake. Hence My cupcake air freshener take one
I still have yet to finished my pants, but I have around 15 min left. I wore them last night anyways. I used one of our throw blankets for the fabric because I wanted something warm and well, they're toasty!

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  1. Hnng they look so comfy! Kawai!
    Patterns are so scary! I still haven't had the guts to follow through with any one pattern. Idea: The monkey you gave to Nicholas for Xmas? ZING!