Monday, January 9, 2012


Working at the River Cafe has been a great experience and I'll be sad to leave it. Mostly. The excitement of another job is almost overwhelming, especially re-writing my resume and cover letters. I haven't even thought about my interview outfit. I've come so close to the my co-workers that leaving them will be a bummer, especially after all we've been through with this cafe. The transition must be quick though, school will be starting soon, And I don't want a job search to get in the way of study. By all means, this semester has to be strong in order to keep a high GPA.
After a long day at work, my feet where sore already but I had to fit in a small rug. It has been almost a week of rest and my body was thirsty for some real exercise This time at the gym I decided to go with a 2.5 mile run which was small and short and my ankle still managed to ache in the same spot. also my knees where a bit sore as well. This is my last sign and I know now I need to see a professional to get it all checked out.
do you ever have problems when you run?

*note: major mistake on post 359!
I just realized that I printed a 2013 calendar instead of a 2012 which is a serious bummer! I was so excited and enthused while doing it I must have chosen the wrong year. Now all that time wasted (sort of, at least I learned a lot) and now I need to re-stain more and make a whole new batch.
Idea: I might do a triple batch so I can have a few left for decorative printing or misc. things. I printed a tree for testing and I think I want it framed (it's that cute).

What kind of theme is your room decorated as? Do you have colors that make you feel good?

BTW: I love this headband, only thing I wish I made it. The only problem is I don't know how to knit. Any suggestions? 

Projects I'm working on:
Pajama Pants
new cupcake stitch sweater
organize organize organize!


  1. First of all, you look gorgeous. Second, notice how there are mugs in both or your pictures:)

    I want to help you with finding a job. I'm not a master at writing resumes or going to interviews, BUT, Shian and I went to a Worker's Force office last week (a governmentally funded program nation wide to help people find jobs) and I picked up a couple packets on how to write a resume. On my blog you with find a page titled "Information" (next to "Home" and "About This Girl".) I've uploaded a couple scans of the templets for a resume and a cover page. It's pretty basic but I hope it helps.

    Good Luck! I can't wait to hear what job you're looking for:)

  2. Thank you!
    Loren has really helped (and scolded me) with my resume and cover letter. He is even making me act out my interview with really tough questions to answer.
    I really appreciate all the help and support.
    I think I'm going to crochet the headband =]

  3. You should. And I wanted to request a car freshoner? I could totally use one, and you're are so cute:)

  4. haha ofcourse! mine is now my room freshener. mmm =]