Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So, looking back on yesterdays post on my "cupcake" air freshener I am seriously embarrassed. Well, more like shocked at the horrible outcome. After a sleepless night and a long day of going over my creative plan, I expected a little more from myself. This new blog is such an excitement for me that letting myself down on the second day really tugs on my heart. But all that in the past, I will definitely make it up to myself by reposting my air-freshener with a different approach. Testing new stitches and revising my pattern a bit. Though, now I'm glad I have a pattern already made so next time will be a whole lot quicker. I save all my cut-out patterns organized in a folder so I can always get back to them. I hope to get a small organizing box to put them in soon, so it will be easier to get to in the future.
How do you organize your crafts? I'm always looking for better ways to put things away so it's clean and easy to get to but also "decorative". Because I'm still in the process of decorating my humble apartment (because of being a full-time college student It's hard to get the time/money for nice and/or necessary things) I will be posting a lot about decorating with a small budget. So of course I'll be making or altering things, which I guess is half the fun.
On that note, this is why I love my boyfriend:
Unlike all the stereo types (most of which he totally fits video games and such) he is a total neat freak! In some way more than me. Loren is always coming home with a new mop or dish soap. and well, today, he bought a long-time needed dish rack and trashcans! This seriously made my day and I got to cleaning right away even after a full day of cleaning at work. mmm boy do I love the smell of chlorine in the morning. it's like victory!
I always need a clean environment in order to get the creative juices slowing, even if I have to spend three hours cleaning before I relax, it's always worth it.
Ok, well this is really why I love him:

He pick me up from work today with a surprise haircut and a movie night for getting strait A's this semester, but I insisted to go home so I could do my post for today. We sat together laughing at yesterdays post and ate chips and burritos. mmm and they where really good. 

So today, I really felt accomplished. I posted (nothing extravagant, but to me it means a lot more to me because I did something useful and made my house a more beautiful place. It's funny how the little things can make a big difference. Especially when your a poor college student when a dish rack can actually be putting us over budget or when you have to wait five months to get trash cans. 

What makes you happy? how do you keep things organized?

I was planning to do a minor necklace project today but realized I don't even have thread, so it will have to wait for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, and please don't be afraid to ask any questions.


  1. Hey Mel, great to see what you are up to! To answer your questions, from one poor college kid to another, I bought laundry soap today! I am so stoked, lol. Also, for christmas I received a whisk and a pair of tongs! I was so happy I nearly cried. Its the little things that count. Keep it up lovely!

    <3 Jos

  2. My first comment woo! lol yes it is the little things. I really hope your christmas was merry and that this year is going well! you can do wonders with a whisk! =]