Saturday, January 7, 2012


Things are coming together. That's the sentence for today. well, at least for the last hours of the day where I can sit in my accomplishments. because today was actually quite frantic.
I had a bucketful of errands to do and none of them seemed to be going anywhere no matter how much I worked on them. Resumes, art projects, budgeting, mail, and not to mention the hours I spent driving around in the tremendous traffic running in circles and getting lost. But in the end, I can say it was all well worth it. Though my list isn't finished I feel like "things are coming together."

I really did some decorating today, and From what Loren said I'm a natural.
he even said just being in my craft-room makes him smile. and thais all warms my heart.
I did so much to prepare for todays project, it took way longer than I expected.
 I sat at my desk this morning thinking "what should I start with to decorate my room? I made a small list of supplies. Twinkle lights and push pins where some of the many things I needed to start doing anything. This is when I realized I was completely out of "essential" craft supplies. Things you can't do without.
How do you build your supply of crafting goods? Where are good places to find these things?

 I was busy looking up job listing and school schedules in the same process and realized I was missing a calendar, something I really need for organization. And this is what I came up with.

I coffee stained the paper, hung them up to dry, ironed them, and them printed the ink.
Though this was where I was originally going to finish, I now feel like it need a little more umf. life some back sheets or some nice sketches.
I'm not quite ready for the tutorial (though I have many photos) but I hope to put one up soon when I have the finished project.
Because of the twinkle lights I suddenly feel peaceful. This is where I want to be.
Do you like post-christmas twinkle lights?
hope you enjoyed this post for it took me all day to put it together, though I did enjoy the process, it was definitely a hassle.

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