Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today, January 1st 2012, is what I'd like to call my fresh start. The sun is low in the sky, music is playing, and coffee is brewing... All clues of a new beginning.
But this morning may not be as great as it seems, My boyfriend lying in bed with a skateboarding accident and I'm limping to the kitchen with a running injury. But what I've learn in the past 19 years of my life, it's not what happens to you that makes your day, rather its what you do with what you have.
So, I look in my cupboards for exactly that...hmmm oatmeal, oreos, and popcorn. What's for breakfast?  I'll think of something.

This year, I'm starting with a blog. Somewhere where I can present my photography through, crafting, cooking, and running. A 365 day project to prevent me from procrastination. 

DAY 365-Sew
I finished my first skirt last night at 6:00, a few hours before new years out of left-over fabric I had left over from a christmas stuffed monkey head I made for my 7-year-old nephew. I tore my head to pieces trying figure out my new and "amazing" $49 sewing machine I bought myself over the summer. It likes to fall apart, run out of thread, and jam up whenever it pleases. And well... this leaves me without control.
But, at the end of the day, I have a skirt for New Years eve and a big fat smile on my face. So, how "bad" can it really be? Though the journey was tough, I made it through alive...and so did my sewing machine.

But, minutes after, I drive my boyfriend to the hospital to get x-rays of his foot. We leave with a $200 co-pay and a pair of crutches. Both injured, we wobble into bed and listen to the fireworks going off as the clock passes midnight. With each other in our arms, we smile and kiss. This is our seal to our first year together and the beginning of our next to come. With many things to overcome ( starting with healing from our injured feet) we know that we're in it together.

My spring skirt for winter:
two different fabrics
three different threads
two buttons
one sewing machine 
 Close up

Thank you for reading. Any questions &/or comments, please feel free to ask =]

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