Thursday, January 5, 2012


I forgot to mention to you yesterday that I was able to slip in a quick run at at the gym yesterday. And I mean by really quick 2 mile run. At first my foot was feeling fine (I could still feel a small ache in my toes but nothing big) and I thought this wold be a great warm up for some upcoming long-distant runs; Not going to happen. Half way through,my ankle started to pulse with pain (which wasn't unbearable) and it lasted throughout the rest of the run. And I walked out of the gym with yet the same ache in my toes. Great.

Well, with that said, that didn't stop me from getting up at 7:45 this morning for my all-time favorite chore conditioning with Amy at the Pacific Edge Climbing Gym. What did try to stop me was my other half trying to lure me into staying in my "oh-so cozy and delicious" bed and sleep in till 9:00. But no, my better half won the battle and now I feel well, beat. Like any who has taken her class, I can honestly say Amy knows how work out your entire body until you can't do anymore. And then she does it again. and again. All the way 'till you can't feel your ass anymore. It's AMAZING!
Now that I'm sore and awake, I'm ready to begin my day and get my house back into shape!

More points to Loren for doing this:

Apart from the fact that there is construction going on our apartment, our porch is looking amazing thanks to him! we've had this "potting the plants' project going on for weeks now and he finally got the courage to go ahead and finish it, and boy am I happy.
Now, I've made some seriouse changes in my house today, and one was on my list of goals! I am proud to pronounce that I have the first "touch" to my wonderful crafting room to be! This has been a serious need of mine since we fist moved in to the apartment five months ago. Actually, 'till today we haven't even had a chair to sit on (sounds nuts I know) but things are actually coming together and I am overly joyed! 
College without a desk is a headache. Crafting without the organization is impossible. and life without a chair? unbearable. 
I have many crafty and cheap ideas to put this room together and I am even more excited to shared those with you as well and I hope you can learn a little from my mistakes.
How do you craft? do you have your special place fir your creative juices. 
I have found that with life being so hectic and time is so sparred in our college years (and those that follow) it is even more important to find "that place" that allows you to do things for You!. weather it be a hobby, sport, or craft, there should ALWAYS be time made for yourself. It's where you can regain sanity and actually accomplish your daily life with minimal breakdowns.

Unfortunately, when cleaning up a mess, there comes an even bigger one. I am actually more embarrased about how things where before hand than the way they are during the transition. This is a new phase in our house where things are becoming artistic and organized and each little change is for the best. My heart lifts with just the thought of it =]


  1. Rien que ça ? J'adore les after & before pictures... It feels good just to look at the progress.

  2. j'ai pris beacoup des "before" photos mais les "after?", pas encore.
    hopefully soon =]

    except, I need to buy a new battery for my dslr cuz it's completely dead =\