Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Air freshener take 2:

This time I decided to try to hand sew it. major improvement. The stuffing still makes the the 2D cupcake awkward and lumpy and I'm not "in love" with it... but it's definitely likable. Loren, with no previous sewing experience what-so-ever actually helped me out with a cupcake take 3 plan...and I am very much excited for that!!

Wednesday was a beat in the butt! I worked all day and went strait to the gym where I climbed, ran, lifted weights, and did sit-ups. I really should have thought that through before I went and killed myself within an hour and a half. It was fun though. Now I'm left barely being able to lift a finger... so you can imagine what it's like sewing this project at 11 pm. but here it is and I'm actually proud!
BTW, this is a gift for Marie Schott, my sister, and an amazing writer. Click her name and check out her blog.

Here where the steps I took:

1. I already had the pattern from the last AF so here I pinned and cut out the fabric. make sure to have both fabrics facing the direction you want it to. I previously folded it in half and cut it, but that resulted in one side of the cupcake to be upside dow. Don't make that mistake.

2. then I pinned the cup and the frosting together and hand-sewd in in place. I did this for both sides before sewing them together.

4.After seing the halves together, I stuffed it. I put the lavender leaves in a teabag so they wouldn't fall throught the loose hand stitches.

5. I then made a loop by folding a rectangle in thirds and sewing the edges. 
6. Final step I stuck the rectanlgle folded in half and sewed the frosting shut.

It actually resembles a cupcake! sure it's a bit rough around the edges, but I'm happy with it. I think I have a small infatuation with improving my mistakes. I cannot wait till take three, I already have great ideas!!

How do you deal with your mistakes? 
Do you ever go back and fix them, or do you just ignore and move on?

I am definitely a mixed bag. I guess these aren't really black and white questions, maybe just questions for you to reflect on, look back on the mistakes you've made.

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