Monday, January 2, 2012


I was up all night tossing and turning. Thinking about "what did I get myself into?" and "what am I supposed to do next?" All the ideas I though I had just floated away as though all my creative juice just disappeared. And of course, that got me really thinking. I needed to think of something, and it would have to be fast. Then, out of nowhere at all, I decided I was going to make a lavender scented air freshener for my car; a cupcake air freshener. Now, this did not at all help with my insomnia because instead I stayed up running ideas exactly how to make one, but it did calm me down a bit.
Today, I woke up late, around 9:30 and I still limped to the bathroom. My foot was still sore which means another day with no run. This puts me in a crabby mood but I make a french press hoping I'll get over that soon. And I did. But honestly it wasn't the coffee. I knew exactly what stitch I would have on my cupcake!
a few days ago I found this Blog and have been reading it ever since. but more on that later, Gertie wrote a small post on Pintucking and it just stuck in the back of my head fr sometime until about 3:00 Am this morning I knew it was the right tim e to try this.
Flashforward from this morning, I step out the door after a doing laundry and minor housekeep for work at The River Cafe From 11:30-7:30. You can imagine it's been a long day already but that hasn't stopped my excitement from this post! I even drew sketches at work and wrote some notes for this blog.

Now, here I am in front of my mac ready to guide         
you through my creation of the day!

First the fabrics

The Pattern 
I used an image from Martha Stewart's cupcakes book!

Here's befor the snipping began

An then... the sad out come.
Does it even look like a cupcake to you??? I was soo disapointed I wanted to rip it all apart and start over again. Well first I wanted to cry, but then rip it all apart. I sat infront of my sewing machine and wondered where I went wrong. I sighed and looked at the time. It was nearly 12:00!! duh, I was running on limited brain cells. 

In the end, I learned my mistake. I can't expect to be perfect the first time around. This could have been a simple project, with lots of fun, but it turned out to be more stressful and overwhelming. I was putting too much on my plate all at once. And well, this is the life of a college student. long days, late nights, and making Lots of mistakes. This is how we learn, and throughout we still need make the best of it.
Even though this isn't the prettiest cupcake (or a cupcake at all in that matter) I am proud that I did it!
(and it smells like lavender!)

Day 2 of 365 accomplished!

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