Thursday, January 19, 2012


Fail! Today was the first post I was late for. by 30 minutes! Therefore I'm a day off!. which is kind of a big deal!

But I guess what's a bigger deal is the rest of the things I did up till 12:00 am
I did laundry
got coffee
I went thrift shopping
bought two sweaters
broke my glasses
fixed my glasses
patched my pants
watched "how I met your mother"

Yeah, you could say that my sweater it a bit of a "ugly christmas sweater" but you could also say its Legend....wait for it...dary!
yeah, pretty much. 
Patching my pants was a pain in the arse!
I looked online for techniques but found only "invisible patching" using a sewing machine. I knew my matching couldn't take such tough fabric (after breaking two needles) so I had to come up with more of an old fashion hand-sewn technique. 
I used:
leather cut into two identical squares

It took me about an hour because of the toughness of the leather (and using only a normal needle). But, the patch held up, and now I can wear a belt once more.

btw: I ripped my belt loop at work (only two days after I bought my pants) while running out the door and my pants caught onto the handle almost throwing off of my feet. Man, I was not happy about that. 

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