Monday, January 23, 2012


When you catch me with three spoons, baby powder, and goo-gone, I can only be doing one thing: Changing my bike tube. Call it upside down and backwards but it's really the simplest way to do it.
It has been 33 days since I've set foot on my bike and that is far too long in my book. So this morning, I cut to it and fixed my bike. And boy was that a really great idea!

Along with changing the tube, I went ahead and scrubbed the gunk. That was actually the hard part ( a lot of gunk) and that is also what the Goo-gone was for. After about an hour of quality time with sr.Giant, I decided to take it for a ride. 
I went to town just for one thing. (ok two, counting coffee and a cupcake which was delicious)
The one thing was a really ugly shirt with lots and lots of lace!! $1.50 booya! and you know what that means! a romper iza coming!

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